kumba-ironClient Overview

Kumba Iron Ore Limited is a leading value-adding supplier of high quality iron ore to the global steel industry. Kumba is a member of the Anglo American plc group.


Project Delivery

– Financial Re-engineering and Software
– Development
– Scanning of Bulk documentation and automation
– Software Development (Full SDLC)
– Software Configuration & Implementation (Full SDLC)
– ERP Implementations
– Construction & Development Feasibility Studies
– Social Development Projects

Operational Readiness

– Development of Operational Readiness Frameworks & Capability
– Perform Operational Readiness Management function throughout the Project Development Lifecycle though to Implementation

Managed Project Office

– Operate, Develop and hand over Fully Functional PMO
– Outsourced Management of PMO
– Pre-Configured PPO Implementation
– PMO capability support to Individual Projects

Project Support

– Project Initiation & Planning Workshops
– Project Quality Assurance Health Reviews
– Project Remediation
– Individual component support (Scoping, Scheduling, Costing, Risk, Resourcing)

Business Solutions

– Integrated Reporting
– Design and Software Automation
– Requirements analysis, Design and Development of Business Capability & Business Analysis

Project Consulting

– Custom PPO System Implementation
– Strategic Planning Roadmaps
– Business Model development
– Custom Neutrally Facilitated Workshops
– Process Lifecycle development and Automation
– Programme & Portfolio Management component development
– Fully Functional PMO capability Development
– PM Knowledge Area content Development

PPO Implementation

– Custom Configuration and Implementation of PPO
– Pre-configured Implementation of PPO
– Custom Report Development
– Lifecycle Development
– Data Take-on