Role of position The purpose of this position is to provide project administration services to the Project Manager in support of the management and delivery of projects.

Key Performance Areas and Indicatiors

Client/Project Mobilisation

• Project Mobilisation/ registration of Projects on MPO/PPO
• Assist with proper use of the mobilisation request form

Project Management

• Administer the project tracking tool and draw attention to non compliance (such as milestones, schedule performance, resource constraints, etc.)
• Assist in preparation of the PMP including scope, time, budgets, resources and risks.
• Provide support and assistance in the proper use of the MSP schedule/Template
• Provide support and assistance to project managers in regard to Change Requests and Change control
• Provide support and guidance to managers and project teams of all functional areas in the proper use of MPO/PPO
• Provide assistance in the allocation and tracking of resources in the Resource Pool
• Provide input, participate and support the Project Team
• Facilitate sign-off processes
• Support program and project team with travel arrangements and claims where applicable


• Assist with the formulation and maintenance of the program / project(s) meetings calendar
• Coordinate meetings, material, presentations, minutes, schedule and maintain calendar of appointments, travel itineraries and other program/ project related events
• Record minutes, decisions, issues, actions to be taken and assign to relevant stakeholder(s)

Office Administration

• Ensure that all program / project deliverables or files are current and updated in terms of minutes, project plans, progress reports and filing of project documentation (Project Administration Audit Checks)
• Manage all stationery requirements, if and when required


• Distribute Programme and/or SteerCom consolidated/integrated reports, including milestone summary, key issues, risks, benefits, summary of costs incurred for use at the relevant meeting session
• Ensure that all program / project(s) information is updated before sending out reports.
• Ensure accurate distribution of reports to approved stakeholder distribution list(s)
• Track and report team expenses in conjunction with the Site/Programme/Project calendar requirements

Project Accounting

• Perform basic financial analysis on project budgets/costs to identify issues or discrepancies and recommend corrective action to the PM/PgM/PMO Manager
• Assist in formulating and maintaining the Billing Schedule
• Process own timesheets
• Support distribution and follow up for invoices


• Provide assistance and support to the PM/PgM to ensure the distribution of program / project information to relevant stakeholders
• Use appropriate communication methods to communicate key messages and feedback to all relevant project stakeholders
• Ensure minutes of meetings, progress reports and other relevant program / project information is updated and distributed accordingly

Minimum Qualifications


Certificate/ Diploma in Project Administration, Project Management and/or Financial Management


Certificate in Project Administration, Project Management and/or Financial Management

Minimum Experience

2 – 4 years experience in Project Administration
Experience in the following: Multiple Project Environment Project Office Administration

1 – 2 years experience in Project Administration
Experience in the following: Project Office Administration

Critical Skills

• Time Management
• Configuration Management
• Meeting Management
• Administrative skills
• Computer Literacy

Core Competencies

• Work with people
• Adhering to principles and values
• Planning and Organising
• Follow Instructions and Procedures
• Achieving personal work goals and objectives

Suggested Assessments

• Competency Based Interview (CBI), including technical skills assessment
• Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ)
• Basic Numerical Ability Test – frontline level
• Verbal Ability Test – frontline level
• Checking test – frontline level
• Optional: Administrative in-basket exercise

To apply for either of these positions, please email with the position you are applying for in the subject line.