The purpose of this position is to provide project administration services to the Project Manager in support of the management and delivery of projects.

Key Performance Areas and Indicatiors

Client/Project Mobilisation

• Project Mobilisation/ registration of Projects on MPO/PPO
• Assist with proper use of the mobilisation request form

Project Management

• Administer the project tracking tool and draw attention to non compliance (such as milestones, schedule performance, resource constraints, etc.)

• Assist in preparation of the PMP including scope, time, budgets, resources and risks.

• Provide support and assistance in the proper use of the MSP schedule/Template
• Provide support and assistance to project managers in regard to Change Requests and Change control
• Provide support and guidance to managers and project teams of all functional areas in the proper use of MPO/PPO
• Provide assistance in the allocation and tracking of resources in the Resource Pool
• Provide input, participate and support the Project Team
• Facilitate sign-off processes
• Support program and project team with travel arrangements and claims where applicable


• Assist with the formulation and maintenance of the program / project(s) meetings calendar
• Coordinate meetings, material, presentations, minutes, schedule and maintain calendar of appointments, travel itineraries and other program/ project related events
• Record minutes, decisions, issues, actions to be taken and assign to relevant stakeholder(s)

Office Administration
• Ensure that all program / project deliverables or files are current and updated in terms of minutes, project plans, progress reports and filing of project documentation (Project Administration Audit Checks)
• Manage all stationery requirements, if and when required
• Distribute Programme and/or SteerCom consolidated/integrated reports, including milestone summary, key issues, risks, benefits, summary of costs incurred for use at the relevant meeting session
• Ensure that all program / project(s) information is updated before sending out reports.
• Ensure accurate distribution of reports to approved stakeholder distribution list(s)
• Track and report team expenses in conjunction with the Site/Programme/Project calendar requirements

Project Accounting

• Perform basic financial analysis on project budgets/costs to identify issues or discrepancies and recommend corrective action to the PM/PgM/PMO Manager
• Assist in formulating and maintaining the Billing Schedule
• Process own timesheets
• Support distribution and follow up for invoices


• Provide assistance and support to the PM/PgM to ensure the distribution ofproogram / project information to relevant stakeholders
• Use appropriate communication methods to communicate key messages and feedback to all relevant project stakeholders
• Ensure minutes of meetings, progress reports and other relevant program / project information is updated and disctributed accordingly

Minimum Qualifications

Diploma in Project Administration, Project Management and/or Financial Management
MSP (APM Group)

Minimum Experience

5 years’ experience in ProjectAdministration
Experience in the following:
– Management
– Accounting
– Multiple Project Environment
– Project Office

Critical Skills

• Quality Assurance/management skills
• Time Management
• Configuration Management
• Meeting Management
• Administration skills
• Computer literacy

Core Competencies

• Deciding and initiating action
• Working with people
• Adhering to principles and values
• Presenting and communicating information
• Analysing
• Planning and organising
• Following Instructions and Procedures
• Achieving personal work goals and objectives

Suggested Assessments

• Competency Based Interview (CBI), including technical skills assessment
• Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ)
• Verbal Ability Test – frontline/specialist level
• Numerical Ability Test – frontline/specialist level
• Checking test – frontline level
• Optional: Administrative in-basket exercise

To apply for this position, please email with the position you are applying for in the subject line.