nom-garyNominated Employee: Gary Gosling

Nominated by: Cornel Langenhoven

Type of Value: Ownership

Motivation: Despite the extremely difficult times that Gary was going through in July when both his father-in-law and mother passed away within a few days of the other, he never once dropped the ball on the CBI African Cables project. Gary has gone beyond the call of duty.

Nominated by:  Dawn Hamer

Type of Value:   Customer Satisfaction

Motivation:  A big thank you to Gary for playing the part of the media and judge at the SLP final presentation at EOH on the 17th of August. Thank you Gary, much appreciated.

nom-gerhardNominated Employee:  Gerhard Weiss

Nominated by:  Dawn Hamer

Type of Value:   Customer Satisfaction

Motivation:  A big thank you to Gerhard for being a judge at the final presentation of the SLP at EOH.

The feedback that was given back to the students were of great value and the comments that were made by some of the students that you really gave them something to think about. Well done Gerhard!

nom-andreNominated Employee:  André Groenewald

Nominated by:  Susan Cronjé

Type of Value:   Ownership

Motivation:  I would like to acknowledge and thank André for the effort he puts in to collect some of the payments from CoLAB’s debtors, especially at Netcare. He is always ready to help and never complains about the unthankful and difficult job of following up.

nom-morneNominated Employee:  Morné Grobler

Nominated by:  Dirk Soekoe

Type of Value:   People

Motivation:  I would like to congratulate Morné on closing off one of his projects ahead of schedule within the IT portfolio. The stakeholders involved have all expressed that it was an absolute pleasure to work with him.

Well done Morne on some very good stakeholder management at Netcare.

Nominated by:  Lizelle Wagner

Type of Value:   Ownership

Motivation: The IT portfolio comprises of four different projects. I would like to nominate Morné for taking ownership of these projects. He has embedded himself in the different project teams by means of continuous engagements, a willingness to help where he could and by establishing good relationships with stakeholders.

He ensured good communication flow between external stakeholders and the project team. All his efforts have resulted in the first project being completed a month ahead of time and the 2nd project completed with the quality criteria as stipulated at the start of the project.

Well done Morné – Proud of you!