nomination-jef-mornetNominated Employees: Jeff Oberholzer and Morné Grobler
Nominated by: Siphiwe Yende
Type of Value: Client satisfaction
Motivation: I would like to nominate Morné and Jeff for working together in assisting me with the antivirus installation on my laptop. Thank you so much! Really appreciate your Compu-Doctors. You killed the virus!




Nominated Employee: Jeanette Ntando
Nominated by: Ella Parsons
Type of Value: Client satisfaction
Motivation: I want to thank Jeanette for her diligence. She may work in the background in her gentle manner, but she is making a huge difference at the office. Thanks to her, the place is always spotless and tidy and she takes care of the staff’s coffee and tea needs, often without being requested! Thanks for your effort to make the office feel like home Jeanette!