NeopakNeopak is one of the first clients we met through our partnership with Ethos. Ethos is a Private Equity Fund company that buys struggling companies, recover the business and then sells it at a profit. CoLAB will give the visibility on the project to keep Ethos updated on the progress being made and we manage the processes.

The CoLAB objective at Neopak Recycling is to operate a fully functional PMO at a Fit for Purpose Level, with the aim of transferring this capability into an internal capability over the longer term. The contract starts on the 1st of November 2016, with an initial contract period of six months.

The specific approach will aim to deliver immediate operational benefits through the operating of CoLAB capability, people and tools for a period of time. The capability will be matured as part of the operation and at a decision point the choice will be made to either continue using CoLAB to operate the PMO, or to transfer the capability into the client environment when the structure exists.

A three step process is envisaged: Mobilize – Operate – Transition.


The CoLAB MPO needs to be mobilized into the Neopak environment to the extent that it operates as an extension of the Neopak business, using the CoLAB capability.

In order to achieve this, a fully functional CoLAB PMO needs to be “wheeled-in”, complete with practices, people and toolsets for the team to operate.


After mobilizing a few elements in the CoLAB MPO to make it work for Neopak, the CoLAB team can operate the PMO on a steady basis and perform responsibilities of an operating PMO.


At a future point, Neopak will be faced with a decision to either continue with the CoLAB-operated PMO, or to create a structure internally and then transition the operating capability into Neopak resources. This can be achieved through various options that can be discussed as required.

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