New competition: How well do you know your colleagues?

Which statement applies to which staff member?

I have a National & International Diploma in Beauty Technology  Chanel
I am a Dive Master in Scuba Diving & have dived with sharks – without a cage!  Chanel
After school I studied Travel & Tourism and started my career as a Travel Agent in the Travel Industry in 1988.  I also worked for Comair for a while.  Lizelle
I worked as a librarian in the Carnegie City Libraries in Germiston for 7 years.  Lizelle
I was the Executive Personal Assistant to the CEO and President of the Blue Bulls Rugby Union at Loftus before starting my career in Project Management.  Lizelle
In my spare time I do Genealogy (Family Tree) research and have more than 6,000 names in my data base.  Lizelle (Barend also likes Genealogy)
I have a keen interest in interior design and hold a Diploma in Interior Design.  Lizelle & Chanel
I’ve done stock taking of explosives at SMX in Secunda.  Susan
I’ve always wanted to be a ballroom dancer.  Marlene
I enjoy Airsoft (military simulations).  Marlene
I’ve been a platoon sergeant, leading the platoon to become regional and provincial champions.  Ella
I actively helped with the conservation of blue cranes in the Western Cape area.  Ella
I’m often a pillion passenger (passenger on a motorcycle) over weekends.  Ella
I’m quite lucky with competitions and have won tickets to a World Cup rugby match in 1995 and R10 000 in a Cremora competition.  Ella
I’ve never had a pet.  Thandi
I’ve survived cancer.  Dawn
I loved being involved with the St Mary’s Children’s Home in Rosettenville, getting sponsorships to help the teenagers lead a better life.  Dawn
I never show my real emotions when I am very cross – I keep smiling.  Jeanette
I love reading inspirational books and started writing my own inspirational book.  Siphiwe
My interesting hobby is photography! Socially I’ve been involved with photography for many years now with some of my affiliated Photographic club and society memberships standing since 2008.

I enjoy creative, portraiture, still live and landscape photography with my expertise (I think) being Black and White photography.

Nationally and Internationally some of my works did me great justice resulting in wonderful accolades in social and commercial completions being awarded a few completion and medium winners.

Some of my greatest achievements was the honours received from the “Photographic Society of South Africa” PSSA and “Federation Internationale de l’Art Photographique” – FIAP. [*Examples of the pictures appear at the bottom of the form – Editor]

I was one of the youngest people in SA to receive my black belt in martial arts (14 years old). I was invited to go to Japan for fighting at 15 and was coaching adults by then.  Injury kept me from going to Japan.  Dirk