CoLAB’s engagement with Ubusha Technologies is to support them with project management capabilities enabling them to successfully implement the SailPoint IdentityIQ platform within Nedbank, enabling the full range of the SailPoint software’s functionality for the most important business applications in the bank, in a series of iterative releases, whilst building operational capacity within the bank to continue the expansion of the platform after they have left.

Across the entire project there will be a total of 7 releases. Each release will be delivered in a 2-month period. Each of these releases will target a selection of system integrations, applications and functionality.

Each of the 7 technical releases will make use of the same tasks, which will be applied to the functionality being addressed in that release. These tasks are based off the SailPoint professional services rapid deployment methodology and have been used successfully by Ubusha at many other customers for building a successful access governance framework.

The figure below illustrates the Tasks and Deliverables involved in the generic scope of work.


Estimated Start Date: October 2016

Estimated End Date: September 2017


Barend Cronje, Gerhard Weiss, Lizelle Wagner, Morné Grobler (PM).

Information supplied by Morné Grobler