CoLAB Project Delivery

Delivering project success
“Whether you require certainty on a project or simply need extra hands, CoLAB’s Project Delivery will
provide all the resources you need to deliver with success.”

CoLAB's Project DeliveryWhat is CoLAB Project Delivery?

Business does not need project managers, it needs delivered projects.

CoLAB takes ownership of the results of the project. Using our unique, practical approach, we deploy a professional team, frameworks, methodologies and technology systems to
ensure delivery against the project objectives.

From large capital projects to small in-house projects, whether you require a full project team or a single project administrator, our professional team has the right industry knowledge, experience and capabilities to guarantee project success.

What does Project Delivery include?

  • CoLAB-certified resources will integrate with your team and take ownership for a successfully delivered project.
  • Our team uses our proven project management methodology, frameworks, standards, templates and tools inside a quality governed approach.
  • We provide a fully functional cloud-based Project Management Information & Collaboration System called PPO. This allows the team to collaborate on tasks, actions, issues, risks, and documentation, with dashboard reporting in real time.

Who is CoLAB Project Delivery for?

  • Do you need ownership of the project result?
  • Do you need instant project capabilities?
  • Are you not getting the results you need from your projects?
  • Can you not afford project failure?

How will your business benefit?

  • Assurance of successful delivery
  • Strong leadership and expert skills within your projects
  • Protection of your interests from start to end
  • Tried and tested project frameworks and tools
  • Eliminate the need to train or hire the correct resources before projects can be delivered

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Project Delivery will give you everything you need for delivering project success

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