Project Rescue

Getting projects back on track
“CoLAB’s Project Rescue will rescue your project from current or potential difficulties.”

CoLAB's Project Rescue What is Project Rescue?

Projects fail for a variety of reasons. When they do, you need an intervention to get the project back on track. CoLAB will do a quick assessment of the problem, develop a remediation plan that we implement while coaching your team through the learning.

What does Project Rescue include?

CoLAB will:

  • Perform a project and team review
  • Develop and present a remediation plan
  • Perform the actions required to remediate the project back to full health

Who is Project Rescue for?

  • Any failing or strained projects
  • Any organisation which has recognised problems within a project or the project team
  • Project SOS!

How will your business benefit?

  • Improved project delivery
  • Empowerment of your project team
  • Projects that are headed for failure can be diverted back onto the path to success
  • Your organisation will experience fewer difficulties within projects, ultimately leading to cost savings and improved output

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Project Rescue can get your projects and team back on track

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