Project Reviews

An independent view of the true project quality

CoLAB Project ReviewsWhat are Project Reviews?

Project reviews are independent audits of projects at any point in the lifecycle against a stated standard. CoLAB performs various reviews against your internal or industry standards and provides an accurate review of the health, readiness or performance.

What do Project Reviews include?

The types of reviews CoLAB can produce for you:

  • Team alignment review
  • Gate readiness review
  • Operational readiness review
  • Implementation readiness review
  • Project close-out report
  • Post implementation review

Who are Project Reviews for?

  • Any company that requires an independent review or project assurance
  • Organisations running large-scale projects with many different standards and teams

How will your business benefit?

  • A trusted view of real project health
  • Ensure that your operational procedures are followed
  • Ensure that your projects do not get to project rescue phase
  • Identify and resolve problems in a project before they become damaging
  • Ensure good governance and best practice are implemented at every phase of your project

Ready to get started?

Project Reviews can provide you all of the information you need to improve on your projects and ensure success.

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