Project Setup

Projects are set up for success
“Projects are set up and ready for execution.”

CoLAB Project Setup FrameworkWhat is Project Setup?

Many projects fail in execution for the lack of front-end setup activities.
CoLAB will drive and deliver all aspects of project justification, initiation and planning required for getting your project ready for execution.

The CoLAB Project Setup outfits all of the components required to ensure that the project is set up for success and your team can execute with confidence.

What does Project Setup include?

  1. Justification (conceptual solutioning, business case)
  2. Initiation (stakeholder analysis, team alignment, project mandate)
  3. Planning (detailed scope, execution schedule, resource loading, cost estimation, risk planning and other required knowledge areas)
  4. Set-up of all the tools, processes, procedures, templates and governance required
  5. Handover to internal managing resources and mentor your team through execution

Who is Project Setup for?

  • Organisations with project delivery requirements who are without a formalised project management office / project delivery framework, have limited resources, or are struggling with project delivery
  • Organisations with projects that can’t afford to fail
  • Organisations looking to reduce project risk
  • Remediation of failing projects

How will your business benefit?

  • A project is correctly conceptualised, ensuring correct project structuring and successful outcomes
  • The project setup framework provides the ideal project environmnet for successful delivery
  • Your team is enabled to execute with confidence
  • Project ownership is clearly defined within the structure

Ready to get started?

Project Setup will ensure that your team can execute a successful project.

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