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“A professional analysis of your project and organisational needs.”

CoLAB's Needs AnalysisWhat is a Success Roadmap?

CoLAB offers assessments and analyses in the following areas:

  • We perform a series of assessments and deliver a roadmap report of our findings
  • This provides a clear outline of actionable steps and timeframes that will guarantee success
  • Your requirements for a specific project
  • Your organisation’s on-going project resource requirements
  • Your organisation’s project delivery shortfalls

What does Success Roadmap include?

  • A formal needs analysis workshop is conducted
  • Further consulting engagements include interviews, data reviews, readiness assessments
    and maturity assessments
  • A comprehensive roadmap report with the findings and actionable steps to be taken is
    presented to your organisation

Who is Success Roadmap for?

  • Any organisation who requires an assessment or audit of their existing project management team, individual projects or projects environment
  • Any organisation who requires a needs analysis for the approval of a project with an independent facilitator

How will your business benefit?

  • You will receive a step-by-step roadmap to achievable project success or resolution of project issues
  • The CoLAB Success Roadmap will provide the best actionable steps for your organisation at any stage in a project or at any level of management
  • We understand the nature of project capabilities and how to achieve project success in any industry or circumstances

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