Team Alignment

Aligning people to project goals
“Productive communication leads to successful projects.”

CoLAB's Team AlignmentWhat is Team Alignment?

Misaligned teams are a major cause of unproductive teams and project failure. CoLAB will align your team to a common understanding of the project goal, each person’s role and approach. We facilitate assessments, interviews and team alignment workshops to ensure each member is aligned for project success.

What does Team Alignment include?

  1. CoLAB will perform an assessment of your project team and clearly define their leadership profile with roles and responsibilities of each member
  2. Team alignment workshops are facilitated by working through the various leadership profiles and identifying how each team member complements a productive whole
  3. CoLAB will work with your team to develop a case for change or a project goal
  4. Each member of the team will commit to a team charter, ensuring an aligned understanding of how they will operate and an agreement of their roles and responsibilities within the new team structure

Who is Team Alignment for?

  • Projects where the team does not function productively
  • Any organisation who wants to improve the success and productivity of their current project delivery team
  • Any organisation looking for productive communications through team synergy

How will your business benefit?

  • Productive project teams leading to improved project delivery success
  • Leadership development within your project teams
  • Productive communication within your project teams
  • A team who understands their roles correctly
  • Sustainable project success due to the alignment and improvement within your team

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Team Alignment will transform your project team for project success.

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