Our Approach:

CoLAB’s entire reason for existence is to achieve project success for our clients, be it directly through our own efforts or indirectly through the capabilities that we create.
The following aspects are considerations in engaging CoLAB:

  • Focus – Project success is our core business;
  • Urgency – We understand that capability only produces business value when operating;
  • Accountable – CoLAB “owns” the problem with you, taking accountability for results;
  • Sustainability – We deliver results that continue to deliver after we leave;
  • Simplicity – The best solutions are simplified;
  • Skilled – Our team comprises the highest calibre of skills and business experience;
  • Relationships – We believe in long-term client and partner relationships;
  • Responsible – CoLAB is a Level 1 BBBEE contributor;
  • Size – We are big enough to deliver and small enough to respond; and
  • Values Driven – Our choices are consistent and driven by deep-rooted values.

Our Values:

Satisfied Customers
Customers can only be satisfied if we truly understand their needs.

The relationship is more important than the transaction

Take accountability for the result, not just the activity.

When the motives are open, the relationship can flourish.